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Eric Graham

Eric Graham has become internationally recognized as one of the best, if not the best, expert in the field of getting websites to convert. He is highly sought after in the eCommerce industry, as well as the founder of a number of successful companies, both on and offline. Eric draws on over a decades of experience to offer quality consultations on entrepreneurial mindset and marketing matters.

Eric is a consultant who has learned his craft in the trenches, so he knows what actually works or fails based on personal testing rather than theory. In 1994 Eric was already a successful business owner, but saw the massive potential of the internet. He took to marketing his products and services from an eCommerce platform and had developed a million dollar networth by his 28th birthday.

Solving difficult problems and increasing the bottom line of clients has put Eric in high demand as a speaker, a consultant and an author to a diverse range of clients. He has acted as a consultant to the Aviation, Finance, Medical and Security industries amongst others. Whether a business is large or small, Erics expertese can benefit it through identifying under performing areas and exploiting opportunities that had previously been overlooked. ultimately any business will benefit from these consultations and sales and profitability will increase dramatically.

Despite his successes with very high end clients, Eric is always willing to offer assistance and speaks and writes in a very personable manner that makes him very easy to relate to.

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