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Keyword Elite

Brad Callan had a hard act to follow after the success of SEO elite, but Keyword Elite is packed full of features that make it the premier keyword research tool available today.

Whether you are gathering PPC campaign information or use it to generate a complete keyword list the amount of information that Keyword Elite offers you ranges between excellent and staggering. Not only are you able to analyze web analytics when researching your keywords, but you can analyze the competition for your new keywords or even track the keyword campaigns of your competitors.

If your competition is outranking you and you are not really sure why, then keyword elite is a tool than can give you answers. Analyze a website that is outranking you and see how they are using their keywords. You can see if your competition is using your keyword in their title, in their header tags, in bold tags or in the first 25 words on a page. It’s a handy feature that you will find yourself using again and again.

Keyword Elite is a very useful tool for those who want to move their keyword related activities to the next level and squeeze the last cent of profit out of their campaigns.

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