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Tellman Knudson

Tellman Knudson is a listbuilding expert and the founder of ListCrusade.com. He is known as the master of increasing customer responsiveness and loyalty. As an expert, he is also known for his incredible response rates with 50-79% opt-in rates and regularly overfilling his teleseminars with more than 2000 registrants. Tellman Knudson who lives and works in Southern Vermont owns a company, Overcome Everything, Inc. which also includes sites in the ADHD niche; ADDGold.com, InstantADDSuccess.com, and ADHDWebsites.com and a website called Myfirstlist.com . A program to explain how to create an e-mail list and an easy step-by-step list building information product for new Internet marketing businesses. Knudson is also a director of the The Jay Abraham Digital Project and masterminded the famous “Marketer’s Deathmatch“, a unique forum of internet marketing gurus where you will be able to pick up some tips and problem solving techniques, get advice on profitability and career.

Tellman Knudson has written a number of articles and released some CDs and among those includes which he reveals his hidden Marketing Secrets That Have Turned Ordinary People, Step-By-Step, Into Millionaires. In this three-part video is a step-by-step complete course that you will learn how to get your first website traffic streams up and running completely from a scratch. Another from Knudson is the Ultra Marketing Marathon….7 Days in 7 Ways…To Win the Money Race. It’s a 7-Part Multimedia Series, he explains, that would teach you how to be insanely wealthy for a lifetime and your chance to stop plugging along and start wining the money race in 7 days.

Also he has teamed up with internet marketer Kyle Battis and recorded a CD called, How To Create Massive Profit-Pulling Lists in 90 Days or Less. This free CD offered by Knudson and Battis reveals how you can easily create hoards of hungry customers who will do absolutely anything to get their hands on what you are selling.

If you want to know more about Tellman Knudson and how he can specifically help you about internet marketing and to make your business profitable, you could check out his articles and try to avail his CDs. Many has commended his ideas and strategies and that it worked with them and eventually made them a successful entrepreneur.

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